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About Us |

About us

Remember when social media was about creating human connections?

At some point, we forgot about the people behind the screen; we are all fighting for attention now. Some are sacrificing their time, spending hours commenting on others’ posts just for a chance to get noticed. Others, are resorting to questionable practices like buying followers.

We thought, “there has to be a better way.” How can we reignite those connections and reach more people?

This is how Emiiko was born.

Emiiko is bringing humanity and transparency back into the Instagram growth industry. We don’t believe in shortcuts. We believe in doing things the right way. By taking a new, 100% manual approach to grow your account, you can reach more people while making genuine, valuable connections online.

We are experts on Instagram growth and, we are known for our radically honest approach and relentless focus to help you achieve your goals. But, don’t to take our word for it, 92.5% of our clients continue their subscription to Emiiko month after month. They are happy with their results, and we are confident you will be too.

Our team is your #DreamTeam

Wouldn’t it be great to have the best people for the job all in the same city? One can dream…

… Wait. We kind of have that!

We have scoured all corners of the world in search of a team of experts passionate about social media and interested in doing good across the globe. We brought these people together (thank you Internet) to form Emiiko.

Our team is adaptable, hungry for knowledge and always on top of the never-ending Instagram updates. They are ambitious, driven and ready to take on the next challenge. They are people we trust, and so can you.

Leave your account growth in the hands of our experts, sit down, relax and look at your numbers skyrocket.

Emiiko operates under the legal name Avconsulting, which is registered with the appropriate government authorities.

Are you ready to grow your account the right way?

Get started with Emiiko today. Grow your following, get more visibility, more leads and more traffic to your site.