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Make an Impact

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Make an Impact

How can you choose an Instagram growth service without knowing what you’ll get? Let’s be honest; the Instagram growth industry is not known for being transparent. There are dozens of services out there promising millions of followers but, offer no data or real-life results to back up their claims. We’re stopping this trend by providing real client results showcasing the growth you can get with Emiiko. It doesn’t matter the industry you serve — Emiiko can help you get real followers.

Real People. Real Results

90% of our clients gain between 200 to 1200 real and targeted followers each month and report at least a 4X ROI in direct sales.

*Results vary depending on your niche, brand, quality of content, and how often you post.


How to Get Started

1. Sign Up

Start growing your following by registering to Emiiko. For only $97/ month, you’ll see your account grow at a rate you’ve never seen before.

Signing up for Emiiko is risk-free. Get at least 200 new followers in the first 30 days, or your money back. Either way, you win. We don’t lock you into a contract; you are free to stop the service at any time you want.

We believe that trying Emiiko is the best way to fall in love. Once you experience the results, you’ll want to continue with the service month after month. We are so confident of this that we are willing to offer a full refund on your first month.

2. How does it work?
After signing up, you’ll receive a questionnaire asking about your niche, goals, target audience and preferences. The more detail you provide, the better we can target people who may be interested in your brand. You can list Instagram accounts, hashtags or locations with users you want to attract.

Using the information you provided, we find accounts that match your target audience and interact with them. We follow, like pictures and view stories. We do all of the work by hand from a smartphone to stay within Instagram guidelines, keeping your account safe while providing incredible results.

The users we interact with will receive a notification letting them know you are there. By only engaging with users who have shown interest in accounts similar to yours, there is a likelihood they’ll be interested in your brand and will follow back. These users choose to follow you; therefore, they are more likely to engage with you.

You’ll receive a weekly growth report so you can track your account.


How to Get Started

Over 2000 marketers, influencers and brands trust us.

Instagram Growth

Get 100% real, targeted Instagram growth, starting today.


Instagram Growth

Get real Instagram followers.

  • Personal customer success manager
  • Human-powered work — no automation
  • Targeted active followers
  • Weekly growth reports
  • 100% safe and Instagram compliant
  • No fake/bot followers


Billed monthly (USD)

Get more eyes on your brand.

No contract. No strings attached. Cancel anytime.

Ready to get your first 200+ followers in one month?

Get started with Emiiko today. Grow your following, get more visibility, more leads and more traffic to your site.